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Resources for the Community


This page is dedicated to the community. Everything here is up for donation to you. It's all inclusive. 

Why? Because we believe if you can assist then why the hell not?? Further, it's all part of how G.A.ME thinks and believes we should function in a society.  Besides, it's simple organizing on our part to connect the donors of furniture and equipment who no longer need them to the people who may love it. Enjoy. 

Some simple things to remember for donors and receivers: All the contact information we provide is all we are allowed to post. You communicate directly. Please and thank you and you're welcome go a long way. Receivers have to organize the moving. Practice good communication. And remember gentrification is not cool.

Used Bike Sale

Used Bike Sale

Used Bike Sale in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. Nice running bikes only $50-$80.